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"Singing is such a great pleasure and it is a basic human right. I really value the opportunity to help anyone - and I mean anyone - feel confident and  joyous about making their own sound." - Pearly Black


Pearly Black offers vocal tuition suitable for everyone, from complete beginners to gigging musicians. Pearly's teaching can also benefit actors wishing to broaden their skills range, song writers wanting to perform their material their own way or even those who just wish to indulge that long held desire to experience the pure pleasure of singing.



Develop your:

    Looking at elements such as breath support, understanding of vocal apparatus, pitch, rhythm, timbre etc.
    Using posture, song interpretation, visualization, stage craft and a range of other elements to learn how to really stand and deliver your song in a professional and convincing manner.
    Understanding the physical and psychological causes of stress and performance anxiety, then employing methods to overcome these.
    Getting a grasp on song forms and structures, music theory, elements of rhythm, pitch, how to work with a band, differing music styles etc.
    Getting your vocal technique to express what you strive so hard to put into your compositions. No matter how unique your vocal style, we'll make it as beautiful as it deserves to be.
    Recording can present a whole different set of challenges to that found in live performance so we can look at techniques to get your best performance out in the studio.

Whatever your style, from Jazz to Heavy Metal, Pearly can tailor lessons to get you singing to your full potential.

Pearly holds an Advanced Diploma of Music (NMIT Melbourne). She has had the great pleasure of studying under the great vocal teachers Claire Everton, Rachel Kennedy, Melbourne jazz legend, Julie O'Hara and one-time opera diva turned R&B/soul phenomena, Maria Lurighi.

Pearly has also made informal studies of the vocal folk music of Bulgaria, singing with Melbourne based women's choir, Petrunka. She has recently been studying the incredible vocal traditions of Flamenco with Australia's foremost proponent of the form, Manolo Varela.

For the first half of 2010 Pearly is dividing time between Melbourne and Brisbane so if you are based in either if these cities and are interested in vocal tuition, email Pearly at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .